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The Purposed Place Blog Spot

Welcome In Sis

I am glad you made it to our Blog Spot. This is a room for Vulnerability, Transparency, Honesty, and Love. It is KEY to our spiritual and mental health that we connect with like-minded women as IRON SHARPENS IRON (Proverbs 27:17).

You can expect...

  • To be empowered.

  • To be uplifted.

  • To be equipped.

  • To be PUSHed (Pressure to Unveil Situational Hinderances)

You will be achieving this through FAITH, your Firm Alignment In our Trust in Him.

Your Daily Dose

The purposed of this Spot is to build community among us woman to support, encourage, and uplift one another.

What you should do here...

Always leave a comment.

Ask questions.

Make Prayer requests.

Share posts with family and friends.


Meet Coach NaQuandra

Hey There, I am Coach NaQuandra. I am also your accountability partner, your support, and your biggest fan!

I am committed to your growth and ability to reach set goals. I am also committed to supporting you on your journey to purpose!

This blog spot is a space for you, I, and other women alike to build bonds together.

Connect with Coach NaQuandra


Let's Talk

Leave a comment telling us who you are (Name and Location) and what your dream life looks like!

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