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Dating & Waiting ( Dating as a Christian Woman )

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

3 questions you should be able to answer while you are dating and preparing for your God sent Husband.

It’s nothing like having your “person”, someone just for you! Someone to hold you, console you, support you, and encourage you… for life. All of us women in some form desire that from our "husband to be". But right now that’s all it is, a desire we are waiting on God to fulfill.

But let's talk about what we need to be doing now while we wait on that to happen 👀.

3 Questions we need to be frequently asking ourselves...


Considering question #1 Am I ready for commitment?

This is when we should be addressing anything that would keep us from being transparent, vulnerable, loyal, and submissive to our husband-to-be.

Things such as.. (these are just a few, but big ones)

-Our ability in trusting other people.

-Our ability to admit fault or take accountability for your actions.

-Our ability to communicate effectively.

-Our ability to be patient and give grace to him.

Here is how the Bible describes the Character of a Noble Wife

  • Her husband can trust her and she will greatly enrich his life. Proverbs 31:10 NLT

  • She works hard and takes care of her home. Proverbs 31:16-24 NLT

  • She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25 NLT

  • Her words are wise and she gives instructions with kindness. Proverbs 31:26NLT

  • She is not lazy. Proverbs 31:27 NLT

  • She fears the Lord. Proverbs 31:30 NLT

Something you should do today: Visit these scriptures during your study time 📖


Considering question #2 What do I expect from my husband?

Sis, we need to know what we are going to accept and what we are not going to accept as a woman. Dating as a Christian is tough because on top of considering a person's character, we gotta consider/examine their faith too.

As you are answering this question, ponder upon these statements and questions…

  • Where does his relationship with God stand?

  • His character will speak for him, what is it saying?

  • How well does he upkeep his responsibilities as a single man?

  • Do not ever settle! (BIG ONE)

  • Pay attention and TAKE HEED to red flags. Do not overlook them.


Considering question #3 What should I be doing while I wait?

I have a simple answer for us on this one...

Be patient and work on YOU. 👇🏾

Watch this TikTok & please go follow her. She is doing amazing things!!

Are you enjoying being single with God?

  • I'm Loving IT!

  • I am trying too.

  • No!! I want my husband NOW 😭

My hope is that these 3 questions help you settle in your waiting window and like Krissy said, "to enjoy being single with God "♥️

The world standard wants us to believe that we have to be married off by a certain age or it's too late. Well guess what?! The devil is a liar and we do not live on the worlds time, we THRIVE in God's timing ❤️‍🔥 AMEN

Something you can do today: Journal using these questions and write a prayer to God asking Him to prepare you for your husband.

  • Always leave a comment.

  • Always ask questions.

  • You are welcome to make prayer requests.

  • Always share posts with family and friends.


-Coach NaQuandra


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