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Bustin' Out (Breaking Cycles)

There are many different key ingredients to life but a mixture of the right ones creates different results. Let me share with you a key ingredient that will help you BUST OUT of that cycle!


Awareness is acknowledging that you are in a cycle, whether it be something individual or generational. It is finding the starting point, answering the question - “When did this start?”

To answer this question you need to figure out if is this a generational cycle or an individual cycle.

Generational Cycles: Destructive patterns throughout your family bloodline ( alcoholism, abuse, laziness, poverty, procrastination, overeating, etc.) Bad habits, and poor mindsets that have been passed down. These can also be demonically enticed.

Individual Cycles: Not widely recognized in the bloodline, things you may have picked up from influences, trauma, and other desires you have. (the same examples stand in this too)

Note: if you can determine the starting point you can plan how to stop the cycle.


People who are in cycles usually…

  • Repeat the same results (stuck & Stagnant).

  • Always find themselves “in this same space”.

  • Feels like they are always losing something.


Being Self-Aware Brings Up 2 Things

  1. Frustration

You are probably thinking, what would I be frustrated about?!

Check this out; the Bible says for in much wisdom is much grief, And he who increases knowledge increases sorrow (Ecclesiastes 1:18 KJV). You may find yourself frustrated with yourself for not getting yourself out sooner. You may also get frustrated with people.

My story: I noticed a lot of cycles of addictive relationships people in my family have made with drugs and alcohol. This is something I also adapted but once I gave my life to God I put down things that were destroying me. And as I grew I became frustrated with my family because they wanted to keep smoking and drinking not caring what it was doing to them.

You may experience this too**

2. A place of decision-making.

Now that you are aware... what are you going to do about it? Are you gonna keep going with it, or change your trajectory?!



Something you can do today

Write down your choice and commit to it. Create a plan of what you are going to do anytime you are triggered.

Always leave a comment.

Always ask questions.

You are welcome to make prayer requests.

Always share posts with family and friends.



-Coach NaQuandra