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3 Myths About Time

A Different Outlook #Holymythbuster

What’s something that you experience, you can give to others, you can share with yourself, you can manage it, BUT you can not get it back…?

If you said TIME, you got it right!

There are some things we got wrong about time though. Let’s bust these 3 myths that have been told about time.


Myth #1 The Perfect Time

Listen, “the perfect time” does not exist! No matter how good we try to make that sound OR we use that as a justification for procrastination it does not exist.

The perfect time is every moment in a day because the next second of our existence is not promised. You are experiencing “the perfect time” right now as you are reading this sentence.

Everything God created is perfection from the trees to time, as it was His intent to craft them that way

So whatever you have been putting off, set the date for it now. The perfect time to do it is now.


Myth #2 There isn’t enough time in the day.

The devil is a LIAR! LOL, There is enough time for what we make time for! Like Smokey's momma in the movie, Friday said when she didn’t give him enough money for them cigarettes “make it enough!”

This is where we stop living life on the fly and we start living intentionally. My suggestion is to begin to use some version of a planner and enroll in a Time Management Course. These courses teach you how to map out your day and how to keep up with your task throughout the day. Not only do they teach the strategy, but they also address the mindsets that need to shift in order to move forward in learning this new skill.

I get why most people say “there isn’t enough time in the day” and I also see how successful people have mastered the time they have each day because time management is a learned skill. Those successful people have taken courses or learned from experiences, how to manage and capitalize on the time allotted in a day!

If you are ready to be one of those successful people, enroll in our self-paced Time Management Course today!


Begin here: Stop saying you don’t have the time. Start admitting you didn’t make it.


Myth #3 I Just Need To Push Through

Yess, you do need to push through but not at the expense of your mental health, physical health, or spiritual health.

Pushing through should not make you feel…

  • Burnt Out

  • Overwhelmed

  • Uninspired or Unmotivated

  • Drained

If you are feeling any of these things you are not pushing through you are overexerting yourself.

  • Pushing through is when the situation doesn’t look favorable but you go through with the plan because you know God is able.

  • Pushing through is when you have a deadline to meet and you work up until the last minute to make sure you missed no detail in the final product.

  • Pushing through is coming back to finish a project after you have taken a refreshing break.

Makes sense?!

Being exhausted trying to get things done is beneficial to no one.


As we have gone through busting these 3 myths, I hope that your mindset about time has shifted for the better.

Something you can do today: Identify an area in your life that you need to immediately focus on. Create a goal and plan to achieve that goal by a certain date. Once you do that you should share your plan with a trusted friend or family member and ask them to hold you accountable for that!

This is a great way for you to assess your time management skills.


Always leave a comment.

Always ask questions.

You are welcome to make prayer requests.

Always share posts with family and friends.


-Coach NaQuandra


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